Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)

Not long after the universe was created, when Zalbeth had become six separate and distinct entities known as the Lords of Darkness and Light, it was the The Last Titan Logolatter who made the Ten Tribes to defend a peaceful nation of priests, the Narlau. These people were being attacked by an implacable enemy  from the southern lands of the continent of Arcadia.  With their blood, their being and their lives these people did as they were  bidden. However, the sacrifices they made bore fruit, and the enemy was defeated. Afterwards, these same Ten tribes would eventually become known on many other worlds and were individually known by their tribal names: The Hartos, Gerunos, Gadlos, Firas, Narcowos, Minowin, Saros, Youlos, Narcal and Nurfas

Immediately after the victory and the enemies’ rout, the Ten Tribes celebrated with a great feast, before being sent to their allotted lands by their creators. These areas were known as Deems, and the Lords of Light promised they would be brought together again when the time was right.

Over the intervening years each tribe developed distinct cultures and beliefs. It was so long since Genesis, in fact, that the other peoples spoke of became the stuff of myth and legend.

When the moment was right, the Lords appeared to Telcas, the first Hartos President, and urged him to seek out a witch called Kallus at the Oracle at Delphi and was informed it was his destiny to bring the Ten Tribes together. With ambitions of  unifying the tribes he set forth on his quest, with the knowledge that after its completion, Hellas would never be the same again. On meeting each of the other tribes he discovered each people possessed wonderful gifts peculiar to them and when they came together, under the protection of the Hartos, the civilisation they forged soon blossomed.

Following a Thousand Year War with the re-emergent Desert Tribes from the time of Genesis, the victorious Ten Tribes made the transition towards becoming an advanced technological civilisation and found the differences each had complimented their cousins and they lived in harmony – the Ten had become one, just as the Lords had always intended.

Characters in book 1, but also book 2
Characters Representing Five of the Ten Tribes.  These characters are in books 1 and 2

Soon the Hellene nations began to feel constrained by the bounds of their world and set forth across boundless space on voyages of discovery to find what lay beyond their world. During their travels they encountered other races and  found commonality with many of them so that strong bonds were formed with them.

But fate was about to strike and as the Ten Tribes reached their zenith, they came crashing down in a calamitous fall. Their failure started after they met four other civilisations and formed the so called “Federation of Five Planets.” It was only a few years after the declarations of friendship were formalised that they encountered a species of energy vampires, known only as the Zine after their chilling battlecry, who came from another dimension. This species threatened to destroy the universe if left unchecked and stopping them incurred a massive cost, not only to the people of Mars, were a great battle against them was fought, but also for the Hartos who had to confront them directly in hand to hand combat because they were the only beings capable of defeating them.

From the devastation wrought by events of this time, millions of Martian refugees turned to the other members of the federation  for help and many were taken in by the Ten Tribes. Meanwhile, the celebrated Hartos Commander who lead the armies to victory, a man by the name of Ares, was made the Hellene President.

For thousand years Ares lead the people of Hellas and its colonies with benevolence. Hellas prospered. Then almost overnight,  their leader changed to become cruel, greedy, wanton and his speeches were filled with hate, intolerance and malice. Without provocation he had the Martians living on Hellas systematically exterminated and the planet became isolated when the colonies declared their independence and turned their backs on a home world to which they had become ashamed.

In response, Ares readied the Hellenes for conquest, with plans to retake the colonies by force and march on beyond to many other planets if they refused to submit to his will.  It was at this time the Firas renamed their leader Cathuron, or “Dark Hatred”, and feared the Dark Lords, creatures equal and opposite to the Ten Tribes’ creators, had seduced and corrupted him.

Most Hellenes hated Cathuron for the crimes he’d committed, but yet feared his retribution if they should stand up to him. Some, a few, were brave enough to make their stand and be counted.  These became the Rebels and for fifty Hellenic years they fought him until his forces stormed their last stronghold – The Lord’s Church – found in the southern reaches of the Ten Tribes’ homelands of Honna.

In reply the rebels, fearful of what might happen if Cathuron should gain complete power, detonated nuclear warheads hidden over the whole of Honna to ensure his plans couldn’t be followed through. More than 99% of the population was wiped out, if not by the blast, then by the fall-out which followed. Yet a few survived and many of these mutated, in mind as well as body, to become travesties of what they had once been. The surviving rebels built an underground city called Minous and determined to live in harmony with one another as they once had.

But the war had left its mark on the remaining Hartos, for they were becoming sterile and in a desperate bid to survive, they harvested eggs, sperm and embryos, and put them into a device to guard against the persistent radiation. It was their hope these precious seeds might escape the insidious poison which blighted their damaged world and save their kind from extinction. So the Ten Tribes, along with the unborn Hartos, went into cryogenic sleep in the hope of seeing out the radiation. But they overslept  and it wasn’t until five million Hellene years had passed that they awoke, only to find the radiation still persisted. By now the Hartos had become completely barren and unable to bear their own young.

The ignominy of their plight wasn’t lost on the Hartos when they realised their next generation would have to be carried by surrogate species on other worlds to allow them to survive one last generation, for it was found their young had succumbed and were also sterile. So an interplanetary surrogacy programme began and some 18,000 individuals were implanted, in secret, without the knowledge of the host worlds.

It was hoped these individuals would bring with them the best of these worlds and maybe strengthen the other nine tribes so that they might survive once the Hartos had become extinct.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)