Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical Traits

Eye Colour: Black Iris The Last Titan Logo

Skin Colour: Black

Hair Colour:  Black with a blue sheen

Life Span: 200 Hellenic Years

Height: 5′ 6″ to 6′ 2″


About the Saros

Before the Final War devastated Hellas, the Saros were renowned trackers and hunters from the southern plains of Honna. These people  have a look of wildness about them, which no doubt comes from their savage past, and have only managed to tame their instincts with a great effort. In remembrance of their  past they wear an animal skins about their waist. Their bodies and limbs are lithe and thin, while their movements  are smooth and assured like those of a panther.

Jannax - one of the tribespeople who joins Omega on his quest in book 2
Jannax of the Saros Tribe. These highly intelligent people retain an element of wildness about them because they were once trackers and hunters before the war.

Adapting to life underground, they found a great void in their lives because they could no longer hunt. Therefore the Saros found other outlets  and so, more than any other tribe, they gained an unquenchable thirst about anything to do with the past. Many of their kind actively seek out the old archives, discovered only a few years previously, close to he devastated city of the Belrous and trawl through the vast array of History Tapes to see if they can discover anything of interest. Such trips to the old capital are forbidden for non-military citizens, since going to the capital is fraught with danger and such visitors run the risk of capture by the cannibalistic inhabitants of the city who’ve gained a particular liking for Saros flesh.


Tribal Gifts

The Saros are able to camouflage themselves and change colour almost instantly, in a way similar to a Cuttlefish, to match their surroundings. This ability was perfect for hunting during ancient times,  but is of little use to them now, although it could be regarded as being almost as powerful as the Gerunos gift of invisibility and indeed proved an effective weapon against the Desert Tribes during the Thousand Year War in ancient times, when they were still wild.

Living in Minous, the Saros rarely use their ability of colour change consciously anymore and many can not even control it. For the majority, powerful emotions affects the colour they display, allowing all the other tribes to effectively read their emotions as they experience them. However, some have remained “silent” and  have kept control of their talent, but these are few these days. Such individuals tend to be of high rank and often ascend to become councilors in the Areopagus or become  senior technicians in Control – the nerve centre of Minoan civil and defensive planning.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)