Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical Traits

Eye Colour: HazelThe Last Titan Logo

Skin Colour: White

Hair Colour: Brown to Black

Life Span: 120 Hellenic Years

Height: 5′ 2″ to 5′ 8″


About the Narcowos

Although comparatively small in stature, the Narcowos have a powerful frame, with hair which is brown at the roots and becomes darker until it turns black at the tip. They never have to cut their hair because it stops growing when it reaches shoulder length, whilst they carefully protect their locks while they’re working (they tie their hair back into single pony-tail and cover it for protection with special cloth called “Gordarna”.)


Tribal Gifts

If the Minowins are the Ying, then these people are the Yang, for the Narcowos gift for building is unsurpassed throughout Honna. However, this is tempered by the fact they’re not particularly good designers and rely upon their Minowin cousins to make the plans for them to follow.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)