Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical TraitsThe Last Titan Logo

Eye Colour: Purple 

Skin Colour: White

Hair Colour: Black

Life span: 250 Hellenic Years

Height: 5’2″ to 5’10”


About the Narcal

Since the Narcal are well versed in the arts of war, and pride themselves in their abilities for hand to hand combat, they carry knuckle dusters and a knife at all times. These items are made especially for each warrior at birth and are jealously kept, for they must pass a series of tests before they reach adulthood to earn them. After attaining these weapons, it’s considered a grave dishonour if anyone, apart from the intended user, should ever utilise them.

Creon a Narcal warrior
Creon – A Narcal Sub-Commander. These people are renowned amongst the Ten Tribes for their prowess in hand to hand combat and in tactical acumen

The Narcal still follow codes of honour they’ve stood by since their creation (a trait they share with their Hartos cousins) and fight by these rules during battle. However,  this naïve view is tempered with a realism which enables them to adapt their tactics,  if required which, if coupled with their fighting skills, makes this people especially formidable adversaries.

Being physically smaller than the Hartos, Narcal warriors nonetheless still possess a fearsome reputation for being a tough people, able to take a beating and still come out victorious. Their standing has been further enhanced over the millennia by the fact they are the only people to have ever managed to beat Hartos opponents in wrestling bouts during the Pan-Minoan games held every 4 Hellenic years in the Narcal deem (area of the city).

On the physical side, Narcal hair never changes colour, so as they age it remains jet black. On the day of their death it turns grey, Males tend to grow their hair to shoulder length and its straight. Their females, on the other hand, tend to have closely cropped hair, cut to about 3cm or 4cm in length. Both sexes have a tattoo on the back of the neck which displays their rank, and since they live by strict codes of honour, it stands to reason the higher their rank the greater their reputation is enhanced.


Tribal Gifts

Since the Narcal are a race of warriors, their lives have been accordingly built around an ethos for combat readiness.  The contradiction of these people is that they are not particularly aggressive in nature, even though they’re always prepared to join the fight and stand up for what’s right. However, the situation in which the Ten Tribes find themselves: underground and surrounded by hostile mutants, suits their mentality and their importance has risen considerably as the Hartos elders age. One day, in about 10,000 Hellenic years, it’s expected these people will take over the mantle of protectors for the other eight tribes when the last of the Hartos die.

The Narcal not only have a gift for physical prowess, but also are adept tacticians. Because of this, they are often chosen to lead missions to Belrous, the old Hellene capital, which is inhabited by powerful mutants formally of Hartos stock.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)