The last Titan can now be ordered on Amazon.  Prices on the UK site are £2.49 for the Ebook, which is available from the 20th August and the paperback is priced at £8.99. Strangely this has become instantly available, so if you want to get your copy early then that’s the place to go.

The Last Titan on Amazon Item on the Menu Bar contains links to all the Amazon sites, barring the China site, which strangely does not have the book in its listings. Just press the item to get the other choices….

The link is below for the UK site:


A quick note:

The site will soon be undergoing a major overhaul with lots of pages added, containing a whole host of facts about Hellas, its people and a history of the planet which is inextricably linked to earth. Keep an eye out and keep visiting the site to see it grow…