Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical Traits

Eye Colour: GreenThe Last Titan Logo

Hair Colour: Brown (from light to very dark)

Skin Colour: White

Life Span: 10,000 Hellenic years (roughly 20,000 Earth years)

Height: 6′ 6″ to 8″


General Information

The Hartos are a noble people who have produced many great leaders through the ages, each displaying tact, eloquence and an admirable ability for even handedness. Even now, diminished and weakened as they are, these people remain the unifying force holding the Ten Tribes together. It was their first president, Telcas, who originally bound the Hellene nations and it was they who defeated a race of invading energy vampires to save the universe, shortly before the Final War.

These people have few vulnerabilities and are impervious to attack from all forms of projectiles, except if such devices are of or coated in, silver. If such weaponry is be used against them, then a debilitating allergy to the metal kicks in, causing severe burns and death if the object should enter the body of the subject and isn’t quickly remved.

Physically these people are all 6′ 6″, except for the Titan and Cardinal Titans who are much taller. They have well defined physiques and are naturally lithe and fit.


Tribal Gifts:
Gamma - close friend of Andromeda and loyal to Omega, she journey's with him in book 2.
Gamma – a Hartos Hoi Polloi class female warrior in her changed form.

The Hartos are by far the most powerful tribe of the Ten. Their primary talent is their ability to change into another, far more capable form, which gives them extended powers like: greater strength, super fast reaction times and the ability to produce a high intensity energy bolt which can be used for any number of purposes; from weaponry to an intense cutting beam to cut through metal. Coupled with these, each tribal member is gifted with a talent peculiar to themselves and the nature of this individual gift is only ever discovered later, sometimes after many years, and by accident. The drawback to using this other form, and their specialist talents in particular, is that the Hartos person can only sustain them for a short time period before they exhaust and the use of their special talents shortens this time even further.

A secondary talent which some Hartos people possesses is an ability to wield magical spells. It’s true to say this ability is less well developed then in the Gerunos, and few have ever used it, but it’s notable nonetheless. Augmenting this is an innate ability for precognition in some  and it has also been reported that some Hartos have the ability to read the memories all objects possess, an ability the Gerunos also have.

The Hartos are also telepathic among their own kind and freely read the thoughts of individuals who haven’t closed their minds to them. These talents give them a very potent mix of abilities. However, this telepathy can be used by some to implant false thoughts into the reader’s mind, although this behaviour hasn’t been recorded since the time of the Final War.

Taking all these powers into account, we can categorise the Hartos  into three warrior types:

  • The Hoi Polloi Warrior class  – these make the majority of the Hartos tribe and have all the standard powers described
    Omega a Cardinal Titan and Andromeda a Hoi polloi warrior
    above. Their other form is yellow/green.
  • The Titan Warrior class  – Few are born with the enhanced abilities of this class. Their weaponry is more potent and their telepathic abilities are more extensive. These individual’s other forms are bronze or copper coloured and can hold them for longer periods without rest. Their personal talent is also enhanced.
  • The Cardinal Titan Warrior class – Such individuals are extremely rare. Telcas was the first and the strongest recorded individual by far. Only four others have followed him: Demodoce, Helen, Cathuron and Omega. Little is known about their powers, since the majority of them were born in antiquity, but what is known is they are far stronger, are able to endure greater punishment and their weaponry is deadly. Their personal gifts are also on another level compared to their Hartos cousins and their telepathic abilities are also far superior. When they change form their bodies burn as bright as a sun and plasma trails spew from their bodies, giving them an errie, other worldly, appearance.



Of all the tribes, the Hartos have perhaps the most complicated etiquette surrounding their love lives and the ceremony of Marriage, along the little used ceremony of Final Bonding, clearly reflect this. Both ceremonies have a series of carefully prescribed scripts and actions which must be adhered to for the marriage to be deemed lawful.

Hartos pairings are chosen before birth, when the genetics of each are matched for a perfect union. The result of this means that when the individuals are born, they are already in love with their chosen mate. These feelings are strong in both sexes and its intensity has become renowned within the Ten Tribes and beyond. Taking into account that laws and traditions have been put in place as guidance for conduct between Pair-Bonded couples, only some form of corruption within one or both of the two can make the relationship falter or breakdown. There have been several cases of this; the most famous of which was between Cathuron and Selene, when he was corrupted after choosing to follow the Dark Lords.

The Hartos also suffer when it comes to love because of the unwanted attention they get from the opposite sex of other species. Its so bad that they think it a curse. Even though they’re an intensely sexual people by nature, the Hartos find this situation wearisome in the extreme and, in the distant past, even went to war to preserve their ideas of mating and marriage. The reason for this almost magnetic attraction, is partly due to the fact that both males and females produce super potent pheromones which many species find irresistible. This fact is further enhanced by the physical their appearance, because without exception, are inherently desirable. Together, these things act as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)