Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical Traits

Eye Colour: Pink The Last Titan Logo

Skin Colour: White (almost translucent)

Hair Colour: White/Light Blonde

Life Span: 450 Hellenic Years

Height:  5′ 9″ to 6′ 5″



About the Gerunos

The Gerunos are generally tall and slender. From a deem covered by thick impenetrable forest which was ideally suited to them, they have a strong aversion to sunlight due to the fact they’re albinos. To protect their delicate skin they wear heavy protective clothing and cover their faces in cloth, while over their eyes they place gems to shield them from the light of their twin suns.  When in Minous they tend to live to dimly lit rooms, but are fairly comfortable in normal lighting conditions and wear clothes they would have worn in their deem, long ago. Don’t allow the appearance of these people to deceive you; they’re surprisingly powerful, resilient and capable when pushed, especially against enemies the other tribes are incapable of fighting.

The Gerunos are well known for their calmness and laid back demeanour, for they rarely show anger  or aggression, which means they show a similar temperament to the Hartos.


Tribal Gifts
Ferrenway – Gerunos botanist. This magicians can become invisible at will.

Possessing a deep understanding of magic and the occult which is unparalleled among the other tribes, the Gerunos know this talent bears a high price when used since it ages the user. Some spells incur no cost, for example the spell used to hold the gems before their eyes, but generally the greater the spell the heavier the cost it incurs on the tribesperson casting it. Bearing this in mind, these people have become inclined to use their powers sparingly.

Their chosen weapon is not a blaster or rifle, but a small stick which, when required, magically becomes a staff  and can be wielded  against their enemies. The use of this also incurs a cost, but for those who know how to use it, this innocuous item is a most powerful weapon.

An offshoot of from their  magical powers, is their intimate knowledge and affinity with the flora of Hellas. With a deep ingrained knowledge of such things they have learned  to harness plants to produce potent medicines and have latterly assumed the role of physicians in Minoan society, becoming experts in making potions or poultices for any number of ailments.

Another well documented talent the Gerunos possess is an ability to become invisible at will. This incurs no cost and creates an invisibility field around them which also affects their clothing and anything they’re touching at the time, such as a stick or weapon, making this a very useful talent during combat situations.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)