Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
 Typical Physical Traits

Eye Colour:  Steel Grey The Last Titan Logo

Skin Colour: Pale White

Hair Colour: Red

Life Span: 500 Hellenic Years

Height: 4′ to 4′ 8″


About the Gadlos

Too small and weak to be regarded seriously as any sort of effective warriors, the Gadlos have chosen a path of intellect over brawn instead and their bodies reflect this decision. With a childlike face, short bright red hair, small steel grey eyes and ears making their already large heads appear much bigger, these people are inoffensive and quietly spoken.  Before the war their skin was lightly  tanned, although this has grown pale due to their propensity to remain within the confines of Minous due to their fear of what lays above ground.


Tribal Gifts

The Gadlos are the renowned inventors of Hellas, and it was their intellect which powered the golden age of Hellene technological culture before the war. It was they who designed and built the great space craft which took the Ten Tribes to the stars. They also discovered the weakness of the inter-dimensional invaders who threatened the entire universe and worked out how to defeat them using a particularity of Hartos makeup as a weapon against them.

Perhaps the greatest invention attributed to the Gadlos is that of the interstellar transmat, which the modern day Hellenes utilise to travel from planet to planet – a feat no other civilisation has yet been able to emulate. There are rumours that this invention lead to other discoveries, but this has not been substantiated, and this story remains a modern day myth amongst the people of Minous.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)