Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)
Typical Physical Traits
Eye Colour: Amber (Orange/Brown)The Last Titan Logo

Skin Colour: White

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Life Span: 300 Hellenic Years

Height:  5′ to 5′ 9″


About the Firas

Most males and females of this tribe are around 5′ 6″ in height and tend to have their hair cut to shoulder length. Males have well developed physiques which, in earlier times, was put to good use working on the land.

Their language is still widely used and many words have been embraced by the common tongue (Hartos). A  good example of this is the name “Cathuron” which means “Dark Hate”. It became so widely used that it became his name to the people rather then Ares.

The Firas people possess no super powers to speak of, although their almost instinctual knowledge of livestock and  arable farming has proved invaluable to the people of Minous, playing no small part in their survival with the setup of Hydroponic Centres which are being continually improved upon by these people.

Working tirelessly towards the goal of the Ten Tribes’ final re-emergence from their underground city back onto the surface, the Firas have come close to creating a plant capable of soaking up the lingering radiation which still blights Hellas. It was they who also had the forethought to store seeds from many plants existent before the war and they also collected specimens of many  animals rescued just after hostilities ceased, allowing them to put these creatures into cryogenic sleep in the hope of preserving the original bloodlines. These animals remain deep frozen in the cryogenic chambers close to the ones used by the Minoans during their own time of hibernation.

On the culinary side, the Firas have a well deserved reputation for producing strong sweet wines and good food, a fact remembered and enjoyed by many in the city during times of celebration.

Geometric Shape from Greek Art (2)