Since I started building the site, I wanted to have teaser trailers which might showcase some of the characters and maybe build a bit of excitement before the publication of the book. There are currently three of these trailers, the first becoming the soon-to-be-aired TV Ad – although in a modified form.

The Last Titan Logo

  1. The first trailer was a simple fast tempo affair, with the logo coming towards the viewer and text setting the scene with stinger text after the logo is lit.
  2. The second trailer was designed to show something of the menace of the villain, Omicron. This villain is “bad because she’s mad” and her driving motivation could spell the end of humanity. Motive enough to be frightened of her – hence the menacing music.
  3. Trailer three show cased Andromeda, Omega’s pair-bonded mate.  I wanted this to reflect her character in as few words as possible. With the help of Dian Perry, the VO artist who provided her voice, I think I may have achieved it to degree. This was a complicated to trailer make but, in the end, I was proud of it.