Like any good team, Omega and Andromeda work well together. Each compliments the other and they The Last Titan Logowatch their partner’s back as Hellas enters a new, more uncertain phase in its long history. It is to these two individuals their people will have to  look toward for leadership and direction when the Hartos elders finally pass.  Therefore, it will be these two who will write the next chapter of Hellene history. Are they ready? Do they have the power to guide the Ten Tribes to their salvation?

Only time will tell…

Click on the links to the Omega and Andromeda pages under this menu item to discover something of each character’s  history. The Last Titan part 1 is only the beginning of a much bigger tale, one which test both Omega and Andromeda to their limits, as the Last Titan strives to fulfil his destiny to reassert the Lords of Light dominion of their world. 


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