Greek Gemetric shape
The Last Titan LogoPhysical Attributes

Born: 23:59 on 31st December, 1999

Normal Form Height: 6′ 7″

Secondary Form Height: 6′ 11″

Tribal Origin: Hartos

Warrior Class: Cardinal Titan



About Omega

Omega was born on Earth and was called Daniel White. His excited rich surrogate parents thought they’d never be lucky enough to have a child. When he arrived they thought the world of him and treated him like a precious gift. In fact,  their love for him blinded them so completely to his differences from other children his age, any suspicions they might have had about his origins were quashed. For instance: the gestation period leading to his birth was 12 months rather than the normal 9, and within weeks of his arrival, their friends and family saw how remarkably intelligent he was as he consistently passed the normal developmental stages weeks, months or even years ahead of the norm.

Omega - The Last Titan
Omega – The Hartos Last Titan

News of Daniel’s intellect came to the notice of a shadowy government department in Whitehall and they began mapping out his future as a tool they could use. They started making plans.

Meanwhile, after completing his time at university with several degrees under his belt by the tender age of 12, the government waited for the media hype surrounding the young prodigy to subside before attempting to take him with trumped up charges. They failed. After the court case, they continued with their agenda and resorted to kidnapping, by whisking him away when his parents attention was momentarily diverted. He was taken to a secret location. For a couple of years they prodded and poked at him, whilst they holding him in a secret underground  facility. During this time they learned very little about him, save  that their prisoner was strong willed and stubborn.

Daniel only managed to escape when a tall, beautiful woman, with the greenest green eyes he’d ever seen, turned up unexpectedly and took him home. After being reunited with his overjoyed parents, the grateful family never got the chance to thank her because their son’s rescuer disappeared before they finished their celebrations.

After a couple of days, after the initial joy at getting their son back had subsided, Daniel’s foster parents became so fearful for his safety they decided to pack him off to a place away from prying eyes. Not long after making this decision, he journeyed out to Thailand where he attended a Muay Thai academy in the north of the country and learned the martial art to a point that he was becoming a celebrity in the villages around the academy.

There Daniel remained for several years and just when his parents were about to join him to make a new life together, they were tragically killed in a car accident. Delaying his return on the advice of his Muay Thai mentor for a year, he eventually came back to England  and visited his parents grave. During this watershed time, he realised it was time to find his place in the scheme of things and maybe discover his purpose, so he began a life of wandering. After a couple of years he gravitated back to Midcastle, his home town in the north of England, and his wandering came to an end when he began teaching Muay Thai at the sports centre there  to earn a living. The idea proved a successful one, especially with the ladies, who always seemed more interested in him rather than the martial art they’d supposedly come to master…

Greek Gemetric shape