New Book, More Content

With the imminent arrival of the Last Titan, I’ve been chatting to the artist to get the commissioned artwork onto the site as quickly as possible. I’m pleased to announce that this will be happening around the end of next week.

This should see around 11 new pages go online, each one detailing the history and traits of the Hellene Ten Tribes. Five of these will have illustrations because these are the more important and significant players on the world of Hellas.  Hopefully, the others will get their turn for attention later….

Along with this there’ll be a new About section.  This will be a bio area so you can find out a little more about the author and artist. Richard is currently scurrying around trying to get photos to add to his page and is dreaming up what to say!

I’ve been in two minds about this for a while because the books, and the world of Hellas, are the stars of the show and not me. However, it may pique people’s interest; so why not?

The Last Titan is here…

The Last Titan Logo