New Artwork Close to Completion

The new artwork for the pages covering each of the Ten Tribes is almost ready. Richard has done an excellent job in bringing the characteristics of each tribe to the fore. By and large, these are characters who have featured in book 1, but will also have a heavy presence in book 2. These people will join Omega and Andromeda a dangerous mission as the evil gathers in Minous, and they fight to stem the tide.

Gamma:  We finally see the changed form of a Hartos female. They are powerful and well defined. However, they are far more gracile than their male counterparts and retain much of their other form’s natural beauty.

Youlos male: These Cyclopean people are  a gentle tribe, though strange to out eyes. Their special abilities have been used in many diplomatic situations and thus they have been elevated to the highest ranks amongst the Ten Tribes.

Yannax: A high ranking Saros female (Nax means “of woman” in the Saran tongue). These people have a wildness about them because they were once a race of hunters and fine trackers out on the Plains of Saros, lands which lay to the south of the lands of Honna. They eat meat and are the only people to wear animal skins about their waist in remembrance of what they once were.

Creon:  A Narcal warrior, who has attained the rank of Sub-Commander.  These people are much smaller in stature than the Hartos, but their tactical skills and prowess in hand to hand combat are well documented.  Creon has the distinction of beating several Hartos tribespeople in the Pan-Minoan games in wrestling bouts. 

Ferrenway: A Gerunos female and talented botanist. These slender, yet powerful people have powers that even the Hartos can not match. It is in the later parts of book 2 that these powers will come to the fore and we’ll come to understand why they are often regarded as the second most powerful tribe behind their Hartos cousins.

Its looking like these pages will be added very early next week and I’m really looking forward to presenting five of the Ten Tribes in all their glory!

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