Greek Gemetric shape
Physical AttributesThe Last Titan Logo
Born: 10th August, 1965

Normal Form Height: 6′ 6″

Secondary Form Height: 6′ 10″

Tribal Origin: Hartos

Warrior Class: Hoi Polloi Class



About Andromeda
Andromeda was born, Imogen Halloway, to a middle-class family from the city of Boulder, Colorado, in the mid-west of the United States. She grew up with 5 adoptive siblings and had a happy, fulfilled childhood. Her parents wisely tried  to protect her from the outside world as best they could, and so made sure did not attend university until normal age. Even so, it was obvious to those who met Andromeda that she was no ordinary girl and was quite different her parent’s other children. It was only a matter of time until the government discovered her.
Andromeda in hero pose
Andromeda – pair-bonded to Omega

After gaining a degree in textiles and fashion design, government agents moved in and threatened to harm other members of the family if her adoptive parents didn’t release her into their care. In response to the threats, Andromeda’s family helped her quietly  slip away and she headed towards the East Coast. Here she boarded a ship bound for Japan and stole into Asia via Thailand.

For a few months Andromeda hitched her way towards Europe, until she got to Italy where she witnessed a murder. The gang who carried out the killing pursued her, until a tall man with the greenest green eyes you could imagine came to her rescue and whisked her off  to Greece to begin a period of intense training. This was the beginning of  a time which would see her life change forever…

Andromeda is a strong person who knows what she wants and will actively go out to get it.  This attitude most definitely applies to how she feels about Omega.

Even before their relationship was consummated, Andromeda felt “the Passion” with regards to Omega. This mental state normally takes hold of a Hartos individual after mating and is similar to the feelings humans have at the start of a relationship, although it’s more intense and lasts the whole lifetime of a pair-bonded individual.


Greek Gemetric shape